Final Step
Solving the world's dumbest problem.

How It Works


Business with excess food requests a food pickup through our platform.


Our on-demand driver recovers and delivers the food to a nearby shelter in need.


Business receives profiles of the people fed showing them the impact they made by 'Feeding Forward'.

Over 691,896 pounds of food recovered and redistributed and that's just the beginning.

The Issue

1 in 6 Americans do not know where their next meal will come from, while 365 million pounds of edible food are thrown away every day.

The Solution

Our software platform and algorithm, supported by a network of drivers, delivers excess food to feed communities in need in real-time.

Our Mission

Feeding Forward enables businesses to save money by connecting their excess edible food to feed communities in need, instantly.

Our platform uses technology to streamline the process of food recovery and distribution, giving businesses the power to eliminate food waste within minutes.

We have already fed 576,580 people in the Bay Area - if you are interested in joining email us at to start feeding people in the San Francisco Bay Area soon!

Join us in helping feed communities in need!